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** The Internet Chapel **

No Money, No Membership, No Judging, No Condemnation, No Strings ...
and completely Anonymous !
To you with love, from "Silvercup" and family.

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Foreword: Folks ... it's time to get serious!
Who are we? Read our Our mission statement
and lastly, some basic Spiritual food for thought.
The Precious Testimonies of those who have undergone spiritual re-birth
Many Christian churches say: "Once saved, always saved" Really?

A Real-life "GANDALF" - Elijah's battle with Jezebel and Ahab continues to this day!
"The Witch's daughter" - a love story encapsulated within a far greater love story.
Welcome to the re-born "Naughty Nun" ... once a popular porn-site
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The Biblical Gateway ( The Online reference Bible )
Campus Crusade for Christ
Please, "Just say no" to cults
Welcome to Christianity magazine (online)

Evangelism made personal  
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