Our mission statement:

What you may want to know about us before wasting any of your precious time ...

From our home in the Canadian Rockies, we are dedicated to bringing you the truth about God, Jesus and Heaven in a humble, uncomplicated and anonymous way. Please keep your money and by all means stay anonymous - we do not need to know who you are, where you are and we do not require your membership in any organization - there is none and we (ourselves) belong to none ... but we would be so very honored if you would spend 5 minutes of your precious time reading this letter from us to you.

There will be people who were Catholics, Orthodox or Protestants in Heaven one day (and in Hell) and we remain unimpressed with earthly labels - whatever they may be. There are so many churches, religions and people that do such a good job of telling people how to get to Heaven and avoid Hell, but unfortunately, there are many more that do not. Imagine going to church every day and twice on a Sunday only to find out much later in life that church attendance and membership in any organized (even in a very well known and respected religious organization) was not what God required. This describes my youth in an Anglican (English) church run private boarding school. The sad fact was, even if I kept up that level of attendance all my life (which I didn’t anyhow) I would still have ended up in Hell! Now throw in the fact that after high school I was drafted into not just 1 but ultimately 2 wars and suddenly the stark reality sets in - at any point I could have been killed and even with my strong belief in God and my exemplary church attendance, I would have ended up in Hell. Sadder yet is the realization that I could have secured my salvation by very simple means, without any church involvement or membership by simply sincerely asking God and his Son into my life, asking for forgiveness of my sins and asking for their help for me to live the kind of life they wanted me to live and then lived my life with a simple faith trusting in them only. Sounds simple doesn’t it?

Well, it took a major crisis in my life and many years before I realized that accepting the Father while rejecting his Son made me NOT acceptable for entry into the Father's home - Heaven. Now as a father myself, that simple fact is very clear. Why would I let anyone into my home who accepts me, while taking a firm stand against either of my sons? What if my son had risked his very life for that person and maybe even sacrificed his life to save that person and that person still could not even be bothered to acknowledge my son and what he had done for this person - or worse yet, maybe this person even partook in ridiculing my son and his ultimate sacrifice ? Would you really blame me then if I (as a Dad), rather than inviting this person into my home should instead damn this person to Hell ! Well, nobody bothered to explain these things to me in all those many years of church attendance, but when later in life it was made clear to me ... WOW, what a life changer! Thankfully God kept me safe in a very dangerous part of the world and then moved me to a safer part of the world allowing me time so that I (as a thinking reasoning adult) could hear the message of salvation and use my own free will to take the necessary steps to secure my salvation. How then should we feel about churches and religions and priests that spend all their time wasting our time and giving us a false sense of security ? Well, as you read this my feelings should become pretty clear to you, and you too should be very angry – after all it is your eternal destiny that is at stake and we have been conditioned to trust these priests/pastors/reverends, churches, religions and organizations with it. Our advice ? Watch carefully who you trust and use your own mind at all times too! Trust only God and his Son (our savior - Jesus) else you may just be shepherded straight into Hell instead of where you really wanted to go, namely Heaven!

Unfortunately, bad churches and bad Christians are the ones that tend to stand out in the crowd and the good ones go largely unmentioned. Of course, people are all too quick to point out the bad ones ... and use them as reasons why NOT to believe and become a Christian. Well, let us ponder this point for a minute: That would be about as fair and logical as me or you (say) not wanting to become an American/Canadian because some Americans/Canadians do bad things and thus ALL Americans/Canadians must be bad and so too I will become bad if I join with them… Pretty lame excuse when you look at it that way isn't it? Yet, so many of us use it ... why? Probably because it is a very handy excuse to have when wanting to avoid commitment and responsibility. Another very common reason, one that most of us have been guilty of, is that there is some sin (or sins) in our lives that we know we should not be indulging in, but we really do not want to give it up - we simply are enjoying it too much, even though it will ultimately lead to us losing EVERYTHING! In those few moments when we are really honest with ourselves, we know that while we may be addicted to that particular sin, and just cannot seem to stop ourselves from committing it, we really are not that happy about it. A very common example is some or other sexual behavior(s) such as adultery that is not compatible with a Godly life. Like heroin, the high of this sin is so addictive that it soon overpowers our desire to stop committing it. So you do not believe me ? Well, go and check out the chat-rooms on the internet. That's where we do so much of our missionary work - my wife's "handle" in the chat-rooms is Silvercup and next to her in the picture above, you will see her Avatar. By the way, we have found that so many people think that since they have committed some or other sin such as lying, cheating, stealing, adultery, prostitution, indulging in gratuitous sex, pornography, drug and/or alcohol abuse, abuse of others, rape, theft, murder, etc. that there is no hope for them - that they are forever doomed. Well, that is just not true at all - as you will read below, BUT guilt often keeps us from discovering deliverance and forgiveness and God's love, and that is just such a pity!

We have also noticed how PRIDE really turns people off and we can understand that reaction. PRIDE has no place in a Christian's heart, and it should be your first tip-off to be very wary of that person or organization displaying such PRIDE. In fact, PRIDE is a great authenticator of some person or organization working for the other side while masquerading as believers and Christians.

Believe me, we are no better than you. We are all in this together - sinners who are saved only because God has felt sorry for us and saw fit to forgive us and have mercy on us and love us anyway. Now if only we could all learn to treat each other that way ...

In anything where humans are involved, things often get complicated  (GOD included). This is usually done to further their own personal ends (Egos), political ends (some religious organizations) or, as is most often the case, their own financial ends! That some people and organizations misuse our human desire (to search for GOD) to make money for themselves or achieve fame or status is not new ... the Jewish religious leaders did it and Jesus often angrily chastised them for it! Just as it was then though, it is now ... it is most despicable! We believe GOD takes a pretty dim view of such proud, manipulative, greedy, ambitious and selfish people, and you should too, but do not let them stop you from finding the sheer joy of getting to know God and his Son, that would be such a shame!

So, the main reason we started this ministry then, was to (once again) present the very simple message Jesus was sent to deliver and to help counter some of the damage that proud, manipulative, greedy, selfish people and organizations have wrought, for they leave the impression that all Christians are like that, which is far from the truth! The damage to the reputation of Christianity, by them, is apparent - but not deserved, since they are only masquerading as Christians and really are very effectively working for the 'other side'. However, the damage done to society by the campaign to remove all vestiges of Christianity first from our public lives (Schools, Government, Businesses etc. ) and ultimately from our private lives (That's already underway) is also VERY apparent! Let's face it folks, our world society is in quite a mess ... we have entered some form of moral/ethical death spiral and anyone who thinks this isn't so is free to leave now.

Ok, so now that only the honest ones are left ...

The message in the BIBLE is very clear and so simple ... yet to be honest, it took us some 35 years to find it, and many others speak of similar experiences. Some do find it much earlier, others sadly never.

This is what we found: We are God's creation (not the other way around). We are given a free will by God and are asked to exercise it to pledge allegiance to God, to accept God as Creator and worship, honor and depend on God. We are to accept that God eventually got so frustrated with the way religious leaders/organizations misrepresented things, that he sent his only Son, Jesus, to be with us personally here on earth for a while and set the record straight and to pay the ultimate price for our salvation. Jesus did this and thus he is referred to as our Savior - the one God promised through the Prophet Ezekiel when He said:
"I will give you a shepherd from the family of my servant King David. All of you, both strong and weak, will have the same shepherd, and he will take good care of you. He will be your leader, and I will be your God. I, the Lord, have spoken."

Some Intriguing facts: It is interesting to note that both Mary (as documented in Luke) and Joseph (as documented in Matthew) were indeed the descendants of King David, but obviously it was Mary's genetics that fulfilled this part of the prophecy since Joseph was not Jesus’ genetic father. Not many of the women in Jesus’ family tree are mentioned, but all those that are have a VERY colorful past! Tamar, the mother of Perez, who appears as common to both Joseph and Mary’s lineage, was a "Single mother" and Perez was one of her twin sons born of a very carefully crafted encounter with her father-in-law (she was at the time a widow) to ensure that her and her children were not cheated out of their inheritance. Almost stoned to death for "pretending to be a prostitute" in order to conceive, she did not marry Judah, her father-in-law and the father of her boys, after whom the tribe of Judah is named. In earthly terms this qualifies Perez as a "Bastard" and her as an "unwed/single mother", but God obviously judges us humans far more mercifully than we judge each other - fortunately for us! It is also interesting to note that among Perez’s descendants is the man Boaz - the son of Rahab, formerly a promiscuous woman, a prostitute and not even Jewish! He married Ruth (also not a Jewish woman but a Gentile like us) who caught his attention by crawling into his bed while he was asleep. Ruth followed a carefully scripted multi-faceted plan to "catch" the rich Boaz, so I guess we can say she "married for money" while others would say she was a "gold digger" or married a "sugar-daddy". Either way, Ruth and Boaz were the great-grandparents of King David (himself an adulterer) - the most famous of the Jewish Kings and the Biblically required ancestor of Jesus. Remember that gorgeous seductress Bath-sheba who took to bathing naked on her rooftop – in clear view of the palace? Well, she did succeed in catching King David’s eye! David had an affair with Bath-sheba and she fell pregnant. King David then resorted to all kinds of tricks to cover up their affair and eventually settled on murder to cover up the fact that he had an affair with Bath-sheba. They paid a huge price for their affair and the resulting cover-up, but God forgave them (after they repented) and King David ended up marrying Bath-sheba. Their son Solomon then went on to become a truly great king - the most famous of the Jewish Kings, after his father. So, for all you "naughty" woman out there who believe that nothing good can come from your lives, just you remember that Tamar, Rahab and Ruth were the ancestors of King David, Mary and Jesus. Let us not forget that God chose Mary to carry Jesus – but God arranged it all in such a way that she fell pregnant BEFORE she was married to Joseph, not after, which back then was a "stoning offense" and even by today’s standards still raises eyebrows. All in all, I simply cannot think of ANY people that left a bigger mark on the world - can you? So the very things we regard as "terrible" and "shameful" and that are often used to chastise women with - to make them feel so ashamed and guilt-ridden, are really no more shameful to God than ANY sin of man. So then ladies (and gents), as all these people did, all you need to do is start life anew - to repent and entrust your life to God and his Son Jesus and watch what is done with/through you! Imagine that you could ask the gentile, Rahab, if she ever regrets having repented and entrusting her life, by faith, to God (thus being "Re-born/Born again") ... do you honestly think she would say "Yes, I'm sorry I did" ? Of course not! How about the gentile, Ruth, who stoically accepted God by faith? How about the Jewish woman Mary, who simply trusted God in a very dangerous situation which could have so easily led to her death? Just remember, their descendants went on to be some of the most famous people the world has EVER seen! So why not set your guilt aside by letting Jesus and God freely forgive you and start out with them on the most exciting adventure of your entire life! What are you waiting for?

The message Jesus delivered was simple and logical:

1: God is our creator and needs to be honored and worshipped by us as such. (This makes sense)
2: We are God's creation. We are created with a free will and thus can choose to disobey God (Sin) and we invariably do - and God understands that about us, after all, God created us. Since God understands that about us, we are thus also to accept our human frailties and whenever (not if) we do sin, we are to tell God that we are sorry and ask for God's forgiveness for these sins and to do our best to "Straighten up and fly right".
3: Jesus was sent to us from Heaven by God to deliver this message - Jesus, God's son, is our Savior. He incurred the wrath of the religious leaders of the day for showing us how to break free from their bondage ... from having to do things their way instead of God's way. We need to accept Jesus' credentials otherwise his message is meaningless. He was sent by God, lived amongst us, delivered the good news/message and was tortured and killed very publicly - crucified on a cross high up on a hill for all to see. God brought him back to life again after 3 days. Jesus met with his followers, who were in a state of disarray and confusion, encouraged them and gave them the Great Commission (of spreading the message throughout the world) and then returned to heaven.

So what exactly must we (as individuals) do to be "Heaven bound" ?

Pray to God accepting God as Creator and pledge our allegiance to God. Freely admit to God that we are far from perfect - that we are sinners, that we are very sorry and ask God to please forgive our sins.  Thank God for sending Jesus to be our savior by dying for our sins and thank Jesus and God for that magnificent and unselfish sacrifice (the ultimate act of love). Ask God to send God's Holy Spirit to live within us and to guide and advise us. Ask Jesus to come into our life and continue loving us and caring for (and about) us the way he has already demonstrated to all of us that he does. Believe and do these things, hold these principles near and dear to our heart, hold on to our faith steadfastly (throughout our lives) and tell others this good news ... and we are Heaven bound! It's that simple folks ... this is the process that Jesus referred to as being re-born spiritually (vs. physically) which some people call being "Born again". Basically it is starting life anew - putting old (bad) habits behind us and making a fresh start. It's between just us (as individuals) and God! It's free, it's immediate and it's guaranteed, not by us ... BY GOD and JESUS and all the hosts of HEAVEN!

"With ALL THE EARNESTNESS I POSSESS I tell you this: Unless you are born again you can NEVER get into the kingdom of God." John 3:3

These are not my words, they are not even John's words - they are Jesus’ words, and they are repeated by him in much the same manner throughout the New-Testament. If we call ourselves Christians but ignore Jesus Christ’s most earnest warning, then are we really Christians? So what is there about this very clear warning/stipulation of requirements that so many religious leaders just do not seem to understand? As a young boy/man going to church regularly, I should have heard this warning often - afterall, I was going to church to secure my passage to heaven and NOT to listen to some priest talk (and talk and talk) just to end up wondering what exactly his point was. Even as a child, I would have understood this very simple message - if the priest had bothered to spend some time talking about it!

The message that we need to undergo a spiritual re-birth and at some point start our lives anew, acknowledging and worshipping God as our creator AND his Son Jesus (our shepherd and leader) as our Savior - by simple faith, asking for forgiveness of our sins, doing our best to leave our sinful lives behind while all the time continuously trying to improve our behavior, is plainly stated throughout the New Testament and is as universally accepted by Catholics as it is by Protestants. On this they do totally agree! However, check and see how many churches / religions spell this out CLEARLY in their worship services. Since it is the most important message they can ever deliver to people attending their services, one would hope it is ALWAYS delivered clearly and in EVERY service. Sadly, it is not. Our advice to you ?

If your Priest / Pastor / Reverend does not state clearly the requirements for salvation (at least once every Sunday) - then go and worship with one that does!

In Jesus’ time here on earth, the religious establishment of the day wanted to terrify people into submission by making an example out of Jesus so that nobody would rock the boat or challenge their authority. That he delivered the good news of how simple salvation is anyhow - knowing what they would do to him is truly awesome! That is why you hear people saying that Jesus died for us and for our sins. How many of us would be willing to sacrifice our lives (or our son's life) to deliver a message to people quite literally 'hell bent' on doing their own thing and setting their own rules?

So what was at the very core of the message? The steps to salvation (above) and the reminder that there is only 1 (ONE) sin that we can ever commit that would stand between us  and heaven - Jesus called it "Blasphemy against God's Holy Spirit" - this means attributing the work of God's Holy Spirit to Satan throughout your life (i.e. worshipping Satan) and the life-long rejection of God's Holy Spirit calling us to repent of our sins and accept God as Creator and God of our lives. 

In Jesus' own words: "I solemnly declare that ANY sin of man can be forgiven, even blasphemy against me; but blasphemy against the Holy Spirit can never be forgiven. It is an eternal sin." Mark 3 v28.  

Obviously if you are reading this you are still alive and have not yet technically committed this sin, but if you die in a state of rejecting God, Jesus and the call to repentance - then it's over ... no second chance. Truth is, we are sinners and we always will be - God knows that about us. God wants us to acknowledge our sins constantly and constantly strive to improve. God raised Jesus from the dead (afterall God can do these things), and after again meeting with those people  that realized that the message he had delivered made sense, he gave them the great commission of spreading the news and left back for heaven. The simplicity of this message took the world by storm! Now, some 2,000 years later Christianity (in all its many forms) is the ruling religion of the world. God's plan seems to be working just fine, but, surprise surprise ... once again we have so many religious leaders, governments and organizations trying to restrict, banish, re-package, complicate and re-define this simple message.

Here are St. Paul's own words - they are much more to the point than mine: 

"We aren't saved from sin's grasp by knowing the commandments of God, because we can't and don't keep them, but God put into effect a different plan to save us. He sent his own Son in a human body like ours - except that ours are sinful - and destroyed sin's control over us by giving himself as a sacrifice for our sin. So now we can obey God's laws if we follow after the Holy Spirit and no longer obey the old evil nature within us. Those who let themselves be controlled by their lower natures live only to please themselves, but those who follow after the Holy Spirit find themselves doing those things that please God. Following after the Holy Spirit leads to life and peace, but following after the old nature leads to death, because the old sinful nature within us is against God. It never did obey God's laws and it never will. That's why those who are still under the control of their old sinful selves, bent on following their old evil desires, can never please God."  (Romans 8:3-8)

So then folks, if we die still rejecting the call by God's Holy Spirit to REPENTANCE, ACCEPTANCE and FAITH …  it's all over!

Be assured, as Christians we should not require your money or your membership in any organization. As Christians, we are required to lobby you to pledge allegiance to GOD and his son Jesus, so you too can secure your future. What is also important is that we all understand the difference between having our future secured (being Saved) and our future NOT being secured, or our being Doomed - while we still have time to change our status. I cannot think of anything more loving and caring than helping each other get to Heaven. We should help each other discover what God expects from us, freely, because that is how we became Christians. It was a FREE gift from GOD, and should be passed on that way and it should NOT be sold as 're-packaged' with 'value added' by us, others or any organization(s)! Anyone or any organization who tells you that your money, wealth, time, family or membership is a requirement to be saved, is lying to you. GOD will tell you what is required - all you have to do is search ... and do not forget to ask GOD to help you in that search!

Please do not misunderstand us. Many things may not be needed for your salvation, but once you get this insight and gift from God, once you too are Saved, you should seek out like-minded people and worship and serve GOD together with them in a church or anywhere you all may choose to gather/meet, and you should financially contribute to good causes, the running of these churches and MOST importantly, the spreading of the good news of God's plan for our Salvation! Just remember that many organizations and cults pretend to be interested in your well-being and spirituality while really wanting only to control you, your family and of course ... your money! Learn to spot them!

Remember, salvation is a FREE GIFT and you need never buy it with your membership in any earthly organization or with your money. Simply strive to get to know GOD and his Son, Jesus. Get in touch with GOD and ask GOD what is required. GOD will not lie to you, hold out on you or charge you. If anyone tries to tell you that you must belong to this or that organization, church, group or denomination, etc. to be saved, DO NOT believe them! Your Salvation comes to you direct from GOD and his son Jesus, and NOT from anywhere or anyone else! That alone should serve as a warning to you to stay away from these people and/or groups! GOD has NOT licensed one or other church group or person(s) to hand out salvation - though they would often like you to believe that, and if you do - you are going to get controlled, fleeced and worse yet discouraged and disillusioned! The fact is that NO person or Church group can dispense salvation, only GOD and his son Jesus can ... and it's yours free for the asking! No person(s) and/or group(s) can prohibit you or stop you from doing so. Neither can any sin(s) you have ever committed! The best they can do, if they are doing their job correctly, is tell you how to approach GOD and Jesus and try and help you understand what is required of you by GOD, but this information is also widely and freely available in the Bible, on the Net, in countless books and magazines, in this web-site and, of course, from God and his Son Jesus. Go find it, you will see what we mean ... and ignore any information that tries to tell you that it is not free, not easy and not a highly personal matter between you and GOD. If they intimate that somehow they are needed to 'help' you obtain salvation or only they know the 'secret' to Salvation and that they will let you in on the secret if you only follow them, join their organization or give them something - like your money, RUN FOR THE HILLS! Don't even be tempted to believe them !

It is not in Satan's interests to have any of us learn the truth about GOD ... and for that matter about Satan. (That "tidbit" should make you really curious if you are searching for the truth!) Dig a little deeper and the answer will become all too obvious. Regard it as a 'treasure hunt', for at the end of the trail lies a genuine treasure which you may otherwise never find, and if Satan can help it ... you never will. GOD want's you to succeed in this 'treasure hunt' and has provided all the clues for you to do so ... some right under your nose, and those are sometimes the toughest ones to find!

The Internet Chapel is our way of helping others. Since we regard ourselves as Christians and do not belong to any formal church, it has no denominational ties. It is fundamental Christianity based on the Gospel. It does not want your membership or your money. It is discrete and it is anonymous - not designed to need to know who you are, where you are or even who we are - though we try to be as open as possible and share who we are and that we are just regular folks with problems just like you. It also represents a rather unique way for us to return just a tiny fraction of the many blessings GOD has bestowed upon our family. It is our gift to you, or more accurately, we are simply 'partially re-gifting' since we are simply passing on some of the many blessings GOD has bestowed on us! May GOD Bless you as you search for truth and meaning to your life and for peace of mind and spirit. Remember, GOD promises that for all those that truly seek GOD, they will surely find GOD, and we are here as just one family, among very many fortunate recipients, to tell you that it is well worth the effort!