God sees a little "bluish-green" planet (3rd from the sun) zipping around our little star.

1,2,3 .... 30,40,50,60,70,80 laps ... AND That's OUR LIFE!

So ... 80 laps around the SUN (if we're lucky)... and we're out of here!

Doesn't quite seem so long anymore does it?

So how many laps have you already had? Which one of us can honestly say that we can even count on 80 laps? I'm just a little over the half-way mark myself and often I feel fortunate to have been allowed to get this far! How about you? Can you really afford to gamble against God's time-table for your life  ... or do you presume to hold the envelope with the secret date of your last day on earth in your own hands (knowing what is inside) and that some day you will let God in on your secret ?

Folks, let's face facts, it's the other way around. God gets to decide our starting point and our end point anyway, so why would we not just simply trust God with the other part - that part that comes in between ... namely our life ? 

That is exactly what God wants us to do!

Many of us have loved ones that we know were believers, people who trusted their lives into God's care at some point in their life and then later died in that state of faith. These loved ones are in Heaven with God and all of the other Heavenly Hosts and they are acutely aware that we (their loved ones) can go to only one of  2 possible destinations  and that this choice is ours to make, not theirs! I have no doubt they are rooting for us to be re-joined with them in heaven one day - for all of eternity (and that's so very much longer than 80 laps around the sun). I know of some of my relatives and friends who did what is required to go to Heaven and I dearly would want to join them one day and hang out with them again! I also knew  some who rejected God all their lives and who have (by their own choosing) gone to the other place. YIKES! That's a terrible thought. That alternative is just too scary, and quite frankly, "There - but for the grace of God - go you, I ... and many others". Folks, really, take this warning seriously ... please.  I have a simple prayer for you ... similar to a prayer that some caring people once prayed for me. I pray that every time you hear an alarm go off from now on  - you will think about these things, and that when you are ready, you will ask God to help you make the right decision. 

God knows that our life, whether filled with suffering and pain or happiness and luxury, occupies just an instant in the Cosmos. Time is relative. For us mortals 80 years seems quite long, to a mosquito it seems an eternity, but to God 80 years constitutes an almost instant 'test'. From God's frame of reference it is over almost instantaneously, but from our reference point it seems to drag on for quite a while. In the Cosmos everything is measured in many millions and billions of years. 80 years is merely a Cosmic instant. To us a Mosquito's life seems very brief, but to that mosquito, it is a perfectly normal and long lifespan - though many of us would prefer that the Mosquito's life be even shorter! 

You see God created time itself upon creating the Cosmos ... at that instant time started. It has a meaning to us finite beings, but has no meaning to God who existed before time itself. God knows when our life (test) starts and that never mind what we have to endure, it is over in an instant and then we are judged and rewarded or punished - and assigned one of only 2 homes for all of eternity. It's strange how we understand that concept when we go to university/college to obtain a degree in a fixed time, but somehow lose sight of that point in our lives down here in God's university, the earth. Do you want to graduate with honors or fail miserably? My prayer for you is that you will get the class medal! If you want to party hardy, not get serious, live only for your own pleasures and set your own timetable, standards and rules - then you will fail. If you want to succeed then now is the time to get serious folks - exam time is closer than we think !

there really are only two paths to travel down for you and us: