Now's a good time to investigate our alternatives a little more seriously:
One path we can choose ... the RIGHT path, involves a belief in a Creator, a supreme being we call GOD. Those that do so strive to be loyal to GOD and to live their lives in obedience to GOD, trying to please GOD. This pursuit ultimately leads to an eternity of living in GOD's kingdom - called
HEAVEN ... Belief in a creator is a much more logical decision than is the belief that everything we know accidentaly appeared out of nowhere. Remember the song from a classic old Roger's and Hammerstein musical that goes like this "Nothing comes from nothing ... nothing ever will" - well, it's a true statement and there is none amongst us that can prove that this is not so. Admittedly, we still have to believe in something we cannot fully comprehend or understand, and chances are we never will, since to understand our GOD we would need to be at least as intelligent or more so than GOD, which was NOT how we were created. Then and only then the New Age movement would have had a point. But GOD created us "a little lower then the angels", who in turn are servants of GOD, not GOD's master. So we may as well stop fooling ourselves, GOD is GOD of the universe, and we are GOD's creation, NOT the other way around, and so the New Age movement's belief system is a giant hoax ... A LIE and has nothing to do with GOD and everything to do with Satan, the father of ALL Lies, so beware! GOD represents universal truth, justice, love, compassion and forgiveness, and these are just some of GOD's qualities! (Imagine what our world could be like if we possessed just some of these good qualities? I guess we would have "heaven on earth"). Many folks do not believe GOD exists and tell their children so ... yet are so quick to tell their children to believe in the Tooth Fairy, Santa Claus, the Easter Bunny and a whole variety of other totally unbelievable characters. Basically they lie to their children ... no different to what is happening to them ... for someone is lying to them about GOD! Who? Read on!
The other path we could travel down is if we listen to the universe's greatest liar, called Satan ... the devil. In following Satan down the WRONG path, we are quick to believe that GOD does not exist and therefore that we owe our loyalty and obedience only to ourselves. Case in point, the "New Age" movement in which we are meant to regard ourselves as GOD. Such a choice seems so much easier for us humans to make, especially those of us who are "seemingly" self-sufficient. We become so proud ... we think "Who needs GOD, GOD cramps my style, I'm having fun ...", but let's get real, you or me GOD? Give me a break! Without realizing it, we fool ourselves, because a life apart from GOD leaves us still following someone else by default ... Satan, who is just as happy seeing us follow the wrong path by choice or by default. In Satan's book, "a win is a win", never mind how it comes about. So this path in life that seems as if we are "following only our own dreams" is really a hoax and folks who follow down it are ignoring GOD and by default following the only other universal alternative, Satan, the devil ... GOD's sworn enemy. For GOD is quite clear ... GOD gives us a free-will ... WE get to choose. GOD will NOT force us to choose one path over the other, yet GOD spends our entire lifetime, "right down to the wire" hoping that we will choose the RIGHT path ... the path to heaven! Remember, there is no such thing as "the devil made me do it" ... WE choose to do it! GOD is equally clear that by not choosing to follow the RIGHT path or by lapsing into a state of passivity, we are automatically choosing the wrong path ... and thus we are for Satan, and not for GOD. In other words, following Satan or not following GOD ... ARE ONE AND THE SAME THING! In our daily lives, our friendships, businesses, families, countries etc. we understand the issue of LOYALTY to clearly mean "if you are not for us, you are against us". We do not think of neutrality as loyalty, since those people have thus stated that they are NOT for us. We view such folks as either confused or as opportunists. We trust only those we know are loyal to us, not our enemies and not those who decline to choose to be loyal to us. We view them as waiting to "jump" to whichever side appears to be winning when the time is right. So, even from our human perspective we can see GOD's point of view. We simply HAVE to choose or the choice is made for us! If we are not for GOD, we are against GOD! Satan represents the universal lie - anything and everything that is not true, injustice, hate, mercilessness and unforgiveness ... and these are just some of his attributes! (We do not need to iagine what our world could be like if these qualities were present in it - they are, and we are living in it! Sometimes it seems like "hell here on earth". Watch the evening news ... decide for yourself.) Following Satan down this path, whether actively or passively, knowingly or unknowingly leads ultimately to a life of torment in SATAN's abode, which we call
HELL ... and that, by the way, can start right here on earth ... while we are still alive!
Luckily GOD does make it relatively easy for us as humans to be SAVED from this terrible and undesireable outcome!