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I suppose we could try and turn the women of
the Bible into the equivalent of "Cover-girls"
for "Good Housekeeping" - but that would be
so very misleading. The plain truth is that the
Bible is filled with "Naughty Nuns",

So ...

let's start by meeting just some of the women in Jesus' family tree :

But first, very briefly, some important background information on Jesus' genealogy is in order:

God promised, through the Prophet Ezekiel, that:

"I will give you a shepherd from the family of my servant King David. All of you, both strong and weak, will have the same shepherd, and he will take good care of you. He will be your leader, and I will be your God. I, the Lord, have spoken."

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[1]Jesus' genealogy:

It is interesting to note that soon After Jesus’ ministry on earth, exactly as He had prophesied, the temple with all the records of the Genealogy of the Jews, was destroyed by the Romans. This means that this one very important requirement for authenticating any "would-be Messiah" could never again be met - ever again! Back then, the first thing that Jesus’ opponents (the religious leaders of the day) did, was to go to the temple and look to verify that he really was a descendant of King David - which He was. That verification has not been possible now for some 2,000 years - and it never ever can be possible again!

Now, I would like to introduce you to just some of Jesus' family members. I have purposely not cleaned up their images, though in Mary’s case that was not even an issue, since that would be doing to women what women's magazines do … displaying role-models that are impossible to emulate. Believe me, when you read about some of the women in Jesus’ family tree, you will realize just how normal you are. Remember, God could have chosen ANY family on earth to be Jesus' family. If you go and sit in many churches or synagogues, sooner or later you will hear the Priest/Pastor/Reverend or Rabbi there take a hard stand against "Bad Women" - rather than mention that women are created exactly equal to men in their propensity to sin, and that no sin of women is any worse than any sin of man, they tend to condemn them straight to hell while overlooking what most of their rich male parishioners are doing wrong. Why? Perhaps because the money they get to pay for their salaries and the running of their churches and synagogues comes mainly from these men. Another reason is likely because they are men ... But not all churches and their leaders do this, some do understand and remember well that Jesus dealt with these things quite differently. Go to these churches!

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[2]MARY: It is interesting to note that both Mary, as documented in Luke, and Joseph, as documented in Matthew, were indeed from the family of King David , but obviously it was Mary's genetics that fulfilled this part of the prophecy.

Scroll up a little … I think you will agree that I have chosen a very fitting artistic image for Mary. She was a virgin, a virtuous woman who genuinely loved her childhood-sweetheart Joseph and was engaged to be married to him.

Let us not forget that God chose Mary to give birth to Jesus, but God arranged it all in such a way that she fell pregnant BEFORE she was married to Joseph, not after, which back then was a "stoning offense" and even by today’s standards this still raises eyebrows. Mary (and ultimately Joseph) simply trusted God in a very dangerous situation which could have so easily led to her death.

Why did God choose to let the Messiah be born in this manner ? He is God after all ... He could have easily chosen to let Jesus be born in a less "scandalous" manner. One has to assume that the things proud people like to point out as being "so very wicked" are not quite as important to God as what we think!

So, for any of you ladies who fell pregnant out of wedlock, don't panic, God is not going to send you to Hell for that. Your ability to obtain God's Salvation is as good as anyone else’s !

And now let's go and see the gorgeous Bath-sheba flaunt herself and flirt with a King ...

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[3]Bath-sheba: Do you remember that gorgeous seductress Bath-sheba who took to bathing naked on her rooftop – in clear view of the palace? Scroll up a little. Now, for those of you who are offended by classical artistic nudity, I’d like to ask … What do you think King David saw ? You are looking at that scene. What’s the point in trying to untruthfully sanitize the images of these (very human) characters – to the point where normal people feel that there must be something terribly wrong with them for not being perfect like the women of the Bible ? The truth is, the Bible is filled with “Naughty nuns” … so welcome to the club.

Well, she did succeed in catching King David’s eye! David sent for Bath-sheba and had an affair with her and she fell pregnant with his child. King David then resorted to all kinds of tricks to cover up their affair and eventually settled on the murder of her husband (poor chap) to cover up the fact that he had an affair with Bath-sheba. They paid a huge price for their affair and the resulting cover-up, but God forgave them (after they repented) and King David ended up marrying Bath-sheba. Their son, Solomon, then went on to become a truly great king - the most famous of the Jewish Kings, after his father. So, for all you woman out there who have committed Adultery and believe that nothing good can come from your lives, just you remember that David and Bath-Sheba are in Heaven today … and their offspring went on to be the most famous, powerful and influential people the world has ever seen!

So, any of you ladies ever had an Adulterous affair (or maybe several) ? So you think you are may be headed straight for Hell and that there is no hope for you ? I've actually heard some of my woman friends say that "there is no hope for them, since they had committed adultery" ... the good news is that they are wrong ! Any of you ever strip naked to catch a guys attention ? Perhaps you just resorted to wearing rather skimpy clothes, you know – clothes like mini-skirts, hot-pants, tank-tops, bikinis or sexy bras and panties (or perhaps none) ? Perhaps you like to flirt a lot - it makes you feel good ? That's quite common by the way ... you are not the first (or biggest) flirt the world has ever seen. Teasing men till they go crazy is a very well tested technique - and it works. So now you think you are in big trouble with God ? Well you are wrong! None of these things is the unforgivable sin! In fact, the clothing (or lack thereof) one's can often be rather  "minor misdemeanors" - kind of like men chatting in the synagogue/church - though they can lead to "stripping" and then on to Prostitution, which clearly is a problem. The "flirting thing" can be damaging and often leads to the "Adultery thing" - all of which needs to be stopped ASAP, for your sake and everyone else's. So Stop it. There are many reasons why woman (and men) flirt with intent and go on to commit adultery, but none of these  will ultimately excuse this behavior to God – just a simple “I’m really sorry Lord, please forgive me and help me stop this damaging behavior” will suffice!

Let's step back in time and scheme with Tamar ...

[4]Tamar: Not many of the women in Jesus’ family tree are mentioned, but all those that are have a VERY colorful past! Tamar, the mother of Perez, who appears as common to both Joseph and Mary’s lineage, was a "Single mother" and Perez was one of her twin sons born of a very carefully crafted encounter with her father-in-law (she was at the time twice widowed) to ensure that her and her children were not cheated out of their inheritance. She was almost stoned to death for "pretending to be a prostitute" in order to "trick" her father-in-law, Judah - something which she did manage to pull off and thus became pregnant with his children. She did not end up marrying Judah, her father-in-law, the father of her boys and the man after whom the tribe of Judah is named. It is interesting to note that not only was Judah fooled by her "Oscar winning performance", but he "retained her services on credit" - certainly the first use of "credit" in the bible for such a transaction. However, unlike her, he was in no danger ever of being stoned to death for having done so. This qualifies Judah as a guy who thought he "got lucky" - but didn't, since when Tamar produced the signed "Credit-note" (his walking-stick), he had no choice but to cough up a lot of his property, livestock and money for Tamar and her sons. In earthly terms though, this qualifies Judah as a "Jhon", Perez and his brother as "Bastards" and Tamar as an "unwed/single mother", but fortunately for us God obviously judges us humans far more mercifully than we judge ourselves and each other!

So, have any of you ladies ever tried to trap a man only to end up as single mothers ? People like to make you think that you surely must be headed straight for Hell and that there is just no hope for you ... well they are wrong. Your actions may have been somewhat misguided and possibly a little naïve, but this too is NOT the unforgivable sin!

Perhaps you worry about your child being a “bastard” in society’s eyes? Well, he/she may not have a dad, but they do have a father who loves them dearly – God! So don’t’ worry … simply entrust them into His perfect loving care. You could try real hard to get a perfect Father for your children, down here amongst us men … and you will likely fail miserably. God is a perfect Father to all of us who choose to be adopted into His family, and the way to do that is by accepting Jesus, God’s only Son, as our savior.

And let's go hunting for a "Sugar Daddy" with the lovely Ruth ...

[5]Ruth: It is also interesting to note that among Perez’s descendants is the man Boaz, Rahab's son. He married Ruth (Not a Jewish woman but a Gentile like most of you) who finally caught his attention by crawling into his bed while he was asleep. Ruth followed a carefully scripted multi-faceted plan to "catch" the rich Boaz – one conceived by the Jewish mother of her deceased husband. So I guess we can say she "married for money" while others would say she was a "gold digger" or married a "sugar-daddy". Either way, Ruth and Boaz were the great-grandparents of King David (himself an adulterer and a murderer) - the most famous of the Jewish Kings and the Biblically required ancestor of Jesus. Their son Obed had a son- Jesse, who was King David’s dad. David was his youngest son.

So, have any of you ladies ever tried to catch a “Nice Rich Man” by using your feminine wiles ? I’d like to know why any woman would choose to use her feminine wiles to catch a “Nasty Poor Man” – though I'm constantly amazed at how so many women seem to go to such incredible lengths to do exactly that! Anyhow, people would like to make you think that you are pretty despicable for doing something similar to Ruth (mostly because they are sorry they did not think of it first) and that you should be headed straight for Hell as a result! Well they are wrong (again) … this too is NOT the unforgivable sin!

Gosh … I wonder what Boaz’s mommy must have thought of all of this? Her precious Son marrying "that Gentile widow lady Ruth", with Ruth and her mother-in-law "scheming to catch her son" and marry into the family … worse yet by "crawling into his bed"! Well, I suspect there may well be a few moms around who have had a serious tantrum or two over some “gold-digging little hussy” using her “witch-like feminine wiles” to “trap their precious son” and not only become his wife but “horrors … her daughter-in-law” and “perish the thought … the Mother of her grandchildren”!

Well, for any of you who have married “mommy’s little boy” - I do have some considerable empathy! You see, I married “mommy’s little girl” … and my mother-in-law has never forgiven me for that. In fact sadly, some 35 years after first meeting, we don’t talk or visit anymore - though that was her choice.

LET's GO and MEET RUTH's Mother-in-law ...

www.NaughtyNun.com used to be a popular PORN-site until 16th Feb 2001 (Click to see the sanitized version of what it used to portray) which is when we bought and it and shut it down - and we take great pleasure rededicating it to helping the very same women it was designed to exploit! If you are one of the many women that the thriving world "Porn Industry" is exploiting, whether it be at home with a web-cam, or as a exotic dancer/stripper, or in their movies, photos, or as a prostitute, or involved in "phone sex" or whatever else they may get you to do, just remember, they  are in it for the MONEY, not your wellbeing! Their plan, plain and simple, is to enslave you one way or the other, in order to get you to help make them rich. If you do not believe me, then compare your bank account to theirs -  I'll guarantee  that It's quite meager by comparison. So, just say: "No ... I want a decent and rewarding full life, and I do not want the burden of guilt and all of the problems with addictions, health and self esteem that your industry would place on me! I want to experience true love and happiness - not the self-serving slavery that you would impose on me". Almost always, addiction or rejection is used to enslave people into the porno industry, where it appears one finds acceptance, adoration and money - but all of this is an illusion! If you agree to let them use you, the time will come when they have what they want from you and then they will callously cast you aside, and the patrons will soon forget you - and the money will be gone. You will have paid the price and  they will have the money ,,, and then they will simply get yet more willing slaves. See it for what it really is - Just stop participating in it now. You can help put them out of business and change or even save a lot of vulnerable lives. Let's be honest ... many dangers lurk in the porno industry. The illusion of "Happy" in that industry - is just that! "Happily ever after" just does not live there. Then why spend your youth looking for it there?

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[6]Rahab: Well now, let me introduce you to Boaz’s mommy Rahab - a Gentile and Ruth's mother-in-law. She was a promiscuous woman (to be sure) ... in fact a prositute, but one who is, by many accounts, now safely in Heaven with many of her family members! Go ahead, slide this page up a little so that Ruth and Rahab are standing right next to each other ... ever "been there" with your mother-in-law? What would you give to “be there” with your husband’s mommy ? You know, I think they got along just fine! Interestingly Ruth, as a widow, ended up having two mother-in-laws: Naomi the Jewish mother of Ruth's first husband Mahlon, and Rahab the Gentile woman and mother of Ruth's second husband, Boaz. The evidence points to her getting along just fine with both of them. Funny though, the only mention made of her own mother and birth family, is that she "begged and pleaded" with Naomi not to send her back to them when her husband died. I suspect that they did NOT get along real well - possibly because they did not approve of her first husband and his family. Further I suspect that it was her mother (not Ruth) who was the problem ... since Ruth was really such a pleasant and loving person. You know, my wife and I can really relate to Ruth. We own the original paintings of Ruth (shown here) ... and also of Rahab, Bath-sheba and Mary - but it's Ruth's life that we can relate to most closely!

[7] So, for all you "naughty" woman out there who believe that nothing good can come from your lives, just you remember that Tamar, Rahab and Ruth were the ancestors of King David, Mary and Jesus. Let us not forget that God chose them all to be the descendants of Jesus. Then there is Bath-sheba who was King David’s favorite wife and the mommy of one of the most famous kings of all time! All in all, I simply cannot think of ANY people that left a bigger mark on the world - can you? So the very things we regard as "terrible" and "shameful" and that are often used to chastise women with - to make them feel so ashamed and guilt-ridden, are really no more shameful to God than ANY sin of man.

Are you surprised ? God sure is'nt. God has seen it all before!

So then ladies (and gents for that matter), as all these people did, all you need to do is start life anew - to repent and entrust your life to God and his Son Jesus and watch what is done with/through you! Imagine that you could ask the gentile, Rahab, if she ever regrets having repented and entrusting her life, by faith, to God (thus being "Re-born/Born again") ... do you honestly think she would say "Yes, I'm sorry I did" ? Of course not! How about the gentile, Ruth, who stoically accepted the God of her mother-in-law by faith? How about the Jewish woman Mary, who simply trusted God in a very dangerous situation which could have so easily led to her death?

Just remember this fact … the descendants of these women went on to be some of the most famous people the world has EVER seen - but only AFTER they repented of their errant behaviors and asked and trusted God to take care of them. These people all learned that trusting men or even people in general can often be dangerous - But it's important to note that God also provided Godly men to help take care of them - often ones that would love them loyally and well. So why not set your guilt aside by  asking (and letting) God freely forgive you, by ... (if you have not done so yet) accepting His son, Jesus as your  earthly Shepherd and Savior. Start out with them on the most wondrous and exciting adventure of your life! If you feel confident that you already have done that, then it's time again to ask for God's mercy, His forgiveness, understanding and help. Do not delay any longer. Your Heavenly appointed life awaits ...  
It’s all up to you now... so, what are you waiting for?

(This site is dedicated to my maternal grandmother Maria, whom I never knew, but who’s love I often feel)

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